How Profitable Is Ugu Farming?

How many Ugu seed is required to plant a full plot of land?

3000 seedsTo plant a full standard bed of ugu a farmer will need about 250 seeds which means 250 holes per bed.

In total for a plot of land the farmer will need to plant 250 x 12beds = 3000 seeds for a plot of land..

How do I start a vegetable farm?

How to Start and Profit from Vegetable Farming BusinessChoose the best Species. It is advisable to always check the kind of vegetables you will like to venture into. … Get a Suitable Farmland. … Get the Necessary Equipment. … Get your Start-Up Capital. … Pest and Diseases Control. … Harvesting. … Climate. … Chemical Control.

Is vegetable farming profitable?

Vegetable farming in India is a profitable business. … Generally, new methods such as aquaponics, Raised-bed gardening raised beds and cultivation under glass are used. Marketing can be done locally in farmer’s markets, traditional markets or farmers can contract their whole crops to wholesalers, canners or retailers.

What is pumpkin leaf?

Pumpkin leaves are large, lobed leaves that grow on hollow stems. They are roundish in shape, and often have serrated edges. They feature three or more veins. They are typically dark green in color, but may be light or grey-green, depending on the variety.

How long does Ugu take to grow?

about 30 daysUgu can be harvested after about 30 days of planting. The more the harvest the better the yield of the leaves in terms of size. Ugu can be harvested repeatedly for about eight months at an interval of 15 days. You need to know how to harvest ugu so that you do not trample on the fruits (pods) as they emerge.

How do you make a pumpkin farm?

Choose a sunny location with well-drained soil. Add neem cake or neem solution to the soil a week before planting. Mix organic matter, wood ash and well-rotted manure into the soil. Pumpkins grow best when sown on a raised soil base with a depressed ring below to keep it moist but well-drained.

What is pumpkin called in Nigeria?

Ugu is the Igbo (South-Eastern Nigeria) name for a vine with green leaves that is called fluted pumpkin English and Telfaria occidentalis botanically. Fluted pumpkin plant is popularly grown in Nigeria mainly for the leaves and seeds.

How do you prepare Ugu seeds for planting?

“Dig a hole of 4-5cm into the soil and plant the seed with the tip facing down. Cover the seed with a little sand; be sure the ugu is well covered to avoid exposure to the sun. After 10 days, place a stick of 1m-2m heights close to the pumpkin seed. The plant will climb around the stick while growing.

How profitable is vegetable farming in Nigeria?

Profits in Vegetable Farming You can buy seeds of #5,000, plant them in a plot of land and spend about #10,000 in farm management. In a few weeks you will be making #5,000 every 2 days. That is why vegetable farming is very lucrative. The turn over starts rolling in within few weeks of planting.

How do you plant Ugwu?

The ideal planting season of the ugwu plant is between April and May. During this period the rains are minimal and the plant does quite well in such rainy conditions. You should plant the seed into the soil at a distance of one foot apart.

How can I start vegetable farming in Nigeria?

If that sounds good, then consider these steps to starting a vegetable farm:Develop the market for yourself. Unlike other types of businesses, vegetable farming requires you to explore your market options beforehand. … Get your start-up capital. … Choose the site for your farm. … Decide on what you want to grow.Oct 31, 2017

How does Ugu farm make money?

Besides selling ugu leaves you can also make money by selling the seeds. You can get lots of money from the pods too. An Ugu seed sells for around N50, depending on your venue. You can expect that you would get up to 5000 seeds.

How do you eat Ugu seeds?

The seeds of UGU are highly nutritious. The seeds are rich in unsaturated fatty acids. They can be eaten after boiling or roasting.

How can I start Ugwu farming in Nigeria?

The farms should be exposed to sunlight and the soil must be at a particular pH level. The pH level of soil for ugwu is between 6.5-7. After your choice of site, you’ll need to clear the farmland and apply organic manure two weeks before you plant. After preparing your site, your need to prepare the seed.

How profitable is okra farming in Nigeria?

Okra farming also called okro farming is one of the most profitable farming ventures you can do in Nigeria. Most if not all Nigerians eat okra, this type of vegetable is used in the preparation of soups. It is not too difficult to be successful in okra farming.

How do you grow waterleaf?

Step by step procedure on How to Plant Water LeafFind a good location. Waterleaf plants are resilient plants that grow in a variety of soils. … Remove the weeds. … Raise the bed. … Till the ground. … Water the bed. … Plant the Water Leaf by inserting the stems into the soil. … Maintain your Water leaf garden.

How do you grow scent leaves?

To cultivate scent leaf, get a land and 8 or more inches stems of scent leaf, dig holes of 6 inches deep in the ground, stand the stems of the scent leaf in the holes, then cover the holes with sand.

How do you farm Ugu leaves?

Dig the hole 4-5cm into the soil and plant the ugu by standing it with the mouth buried to the soil. Cover the hole with a little sand; be sure the ugu is well covered in other not to expose it to the sun. The seed spacing should be 500cm-1m. A hectare will require 10,000 seeds while an acre will require 4,000 seeds.